In my own painting, my aim is to communicate with all types of people in a way that will illuminate the dark places in this present day world.

In my work, I try to give back what spoke to me at the time, in the hope that it will strike a chord with those who have had the same experience, or even to express ideas that others can contemplate and develop.

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Self portrait



."The face that you see at the bottom of your empty coffee cup is - your own!"

Helena Mary Hill-Wilson

(Taken from my art journal at King Alfred's College, Winchester 1974)

When you meet a person and look them in the eyes, it can be a reflection of yourself.

This person changes in moods and expressions. I find it is most challenging, and then rewarding, when I have been able to put this MOOD onto canvas.

The style I use is dictated by this mood.

As the "Starnberg Stadt painter" I had the use of the Paul-Theim-Studio for two years. Herr von Stein came to visit on my last day in the studio on December 2003.
Many thanks to the Stadt Starnberg for the use of the studio.



Herr von Stein
80 x 100 cm
Canvas, Acrylic


Copyright © 2006
Helena Hill-Wilson